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About Michelle Obama Watchers

Gina, Founder

Michelle Obama Watch was started to avoid being overrun by emails at my blog, What About Our Daughters. WAOD often serves as a 911 and 411 related to the negative portrayal of African American women in popular culture. Whenever my readers see something that troubles them about the media’s depiction or treatment of another African American woman I often get an email. Predicting that Michelle Obama would be the target of an unprecedented level of media scrutiny over the months leading to the general election, I decided to provide a separate blog to deal exclusively with the media and Michelle so that I could continue to use WAOD to highlight other troublesome issues related to African American women such as the cases of Private Lavena Johnson, Dunbar Village, Romona Moore and other horrific atrocities committed against Black women and girls in the country that often go unreported by mainstream media. I have three rules we try to stick to A) No electioneering- I don’t care who you vote for; B) No Attacks and C) Be Brief.

You can read more about the development of Michelle Obama Watch at What About Our Daughters: “Michelle Obama Watch Goes Live


Aminah Hanan, Editor

I was born, raised and continue to make my home on the Southside of Chicago, birth place of the First Lady & weeMichelles, so I was excited about the opportunity to contribute to MOW. The consummate multi-tasker I am a wife, healthcare pro, Blogging While Brown Director of Development, an avid crafter, mixed media artist and writer.


Nisa Muhammad, Washington, DC Correspondent

Nisa Muhammad is a senior staff writer for The Final Call Newspaper and a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. She has written for Newsday, The Washington Informer, Azizah Magazine and Ms Muhammad is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She was a Scripps Howard University Fellow at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a fellow at the Delaware State University Institute for Advanced Studies in Journalism. Her work has taken her to Cuba twice where she interviewed exiled Assata Shakur and wrote an in depth story on the Cuban Medical School offering scholarships to Black and low income students.

In her other life, when she’s not reporting and writing, she’s helping teens, singles and couples develop healthy relationships and healthy marriages to better the outcomes for children with her organization Wedded Bliss Foundation. One of her programs, Basic Training for Couples was featured on CNN’s Black in America 2. She also organizes communities around the country to celebrate Black Marriage Day every year in March.


 Michelle Obama Watch Alumni

The following bloggers were the original Michelle Obama Watchers. Their efforts helped launch this blog, and it would not exist without their contributions LONG BEFORE Michelle Obama became First Lady. Back in the waning days of the Democratic primary! They are all Trail Blazers. 

Anovelista, Contributor

Carmen D

Megan, Contributor

MelodiousZ, Contributor

Rhonda, Contributor

SJP, Original Contributor

 LorMarie, Contributor  

Sylvia, Contributor

Hawa, Contributor


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