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This Week with FLOTUS 

Blue was the color for First Lady Michelle Obama this week. After donning a cobalt blue Vera Wang gown for the Kennedy Center Honors, FLOTUS wore a metallic blue dress with black pearls by Erickson Beamon, to the White House Hanukkah reception. The First Couple, along with Vice President Biden and Dr Biden, welcomed 550 guests to the Thurday evening celebration. Click here to view the President's remarks at the reception.

FLOTUS continues to set fashion trends and launch the career of new designers. Former ESSENCE beauty editor, Mikki Taylor, has even penned a stylebook based on the First Lady’s style titled “Commander in Chic.”

Having style is not about spending a lot of money and endless shopping, she said on a recent Thursday. “It’s about establishing your dress code. True style is not something you put on.” Mikki Taylor

A member of the ever watchful group of patriotic citizens that count every penny the Obamas spend has informed us that if FLOTUS and the weeMichelles leave for vacation and the President stays behind to handle budget business it could cost taxpayers over $100,000. Somehow I think that if the First Family just barricaded themselves in the White House and ate only ate hot dogs and beans that would still be a problem for these White House watchers.


FLOTUS Gives Power to Purple Once Again

Speaking at a mentoring event yesterday at Georgetown University First Lady Michelle Obama gave power to the purple again wearing a sleeveless sheath dress by Roksanda Ilincic. Speaking to high school students at during the University’s College Immersion Day, FLOTUS urged them to own their dreams and excellence...

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FLOTUS' $39.99 Little Red Dress

Last week First Lady Michelle Obama recognized the HealthierUS School Challenge Participants at the White House. FLOTUS sported a $39.99 little red dress. The Target Morena Collection dress was capped off with a black satin bow and a little flounce was added to give it a touch of class.

Earlier in the week Mrs Obama shared her fashion motto a roundtable at the White House with digital publishers...

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