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Letters to FLOTUS

Since June 2008 Michelle Obama Watch (MOW) has been all about our Fabulous FLOTUS. While MOW is a repository we are not run by the East Wing.  However, I do occasionally receive emails from readers addressed to Mrs Obama. After receiving these letters I’ve decided to start a new feature here at MOW titled, Letters to the FLOTUS.

As we gird up for the 2012 Presidential Campaign season this is a way for readers to share their thoughts and feelings about the First Lady’s initiatives, appearances and of course the media’s coverage of the First Lady. You never know who may be reading.

To submit a letter click here and make sure to put “Letters to FLOTUS” in the subject line.

To kickoff the feature I’ve decided to share a letter from a MOW reader in Nassau County Florida. This week Mrs Obama traveled to Virginia and Florida to highlight the new nutrition standards for school lunches that were announced by the US Department of Agriculture.

Dear Mrs Obama

I am a Food Service Manager in a Nassau County Florida public school. We have been serving fresh fruits and whole grains for at least 5yrs. Our program is based on nutritional standards that limits fats and sugars. We have not served fried foods in 10 yrs. We have a fresh salad, fruit or veg. choice every day. Are you basing your findings on just a few schools? Just thought you would like to know.                                                                   



Kudos to this Florida school for providing their students with options for well balanced meals!

While we know that the education and promotion of a healthy diet and lifestyle choices has been a priority for many communities, we must also recognize that there are blaring disparities across socioeconomic lines and that for many children a school lunch is the only well balanced meal they may eat all day. So what happens to those children? Do we ignore their needs or do we support initiatives (private or government) that put them on the road to ultimately becoming better more engaged citizens?

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