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Michelle Obama Supports Richard Blumenthal 

Michelle Obama Campaigns for Richard Blumenthal


 The First Lady had one more speech to deliver before she caught her flight to New York. Michelle Obama and hundreds of locals gathered at the Palace Theater in support of Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal.

Obama took the stage shortly after with a 20-minute speech praising Blumenthal's record as an advocate for children and victims of domestic violence, but mostly focusing on the progress her husband has made since taking office in areas such as healthcare, education and veteran aid. 

She expressed to the audience that the same sense of excitement felt when President Obama was elected in 2008 is needed as Election Day 2010 nears. "We knew back then that we had a chance to change the country we love for the better," she said. "And the truth is that we have the same chance, but more importantly, we have that same responsibility. Because this election isn't just about all that we've accomplished these past couple of years, but it's about all we have left to do in the next few months and years."

 She reminded the auidence to have faith in her husband, President Barack Obama, and candidates like Richard Blumenthal.

"I know that for a lot of folks change has not come fast enough, and, believe me, it hasn't come fast enough for Barack, not when so many folks are still looking for work, struggling to pay the bills or worrying about how they're going to provide for their kids, no, change has not come fast enough," Obama said. "The truth is it's going to take a lot longer to dig ourselves out of this hole than any of us would have liked."

"So you all know that Dick has never served in elective office in Washington before," Obama said. "Instead he has spent most of his career right here in Connecticut fighting for the people. It's no surprise that his highest priority has always been protecting Connecticut's families."-

 Michelle Obama will be at a fundraiser tonight held by the Democratic Committee in New York.  Check out this video from Fox Connecticut for the best recap of today's speech from




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