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Campaign Update Colorado Visit

Michelle Obama and Sen. Bennet together in Colorado... photo from

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle Obama landed in Colorado for a lunch to support Sen. Michael Bennet. It was a small lunch held at a private home in Cherry Hills Village. Her speech was clear and the message was straight forward:

"Michael has been a powerful voice for the people of this state since the first day he took office and I am proud to be here on his behalf," Obama

"I haven't really campaigned since [2008], and that's because I focus on my role as mother," Obama said. "My hope for their future is really at the center of everything I do, which is I why I wanted to be here for Michael. We all want to leave something better behind for our children. That's why we're here. That is really what the American Dream is all about.

"The truth is for too many families in this country, it feels like that dream is slipping away," she said. "That is why my husband ran for president in the first place. Keeping that dream alive for all Americans is what drives him, what keeps him up at night."

With that she launched into her husband's, President Barack Obama, many achievements like health care and economic reform. Then she asked for everyones support and effort to keep the voters voting to help keep them in office. The event raised $270,000.The first lady will move onto Ohio this weekend with the President Barack Obama. This will be the first time in that they will campaign together. 

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Video from her Visit to Colorado:


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